Writing for Children (Part 11)

Easy Readers

Another type of book you might consider writing for children is the easy or early reader. These have a simple vocabulary for children to read alone and are often the first books children will read by themselves. They must be concrete since young children do not think abstractly. Each sentence contains a subject, an object, and a verb. The words should flow in a rhythm with 6-9 lines on a page. These are usually 48 pages and contain 1,000-1,400 words. The stories are told mainly through action and dialogue in grammatically simple sentences. Use only one idea per sentence. They contain line drawings, not in color, and not as much money is invested in the artwork as in picture books.

Children are at this stage of reading for such a short time that sadly few publishers publish these anymore. I published a series with Concordia some time back titled “The Parables in Action” series. I have received very favorable comments from my young readers. Many hold these books dear to their hearts since they were the first books they read by themselves.