Writing for Children (Part 10)

After you have written the first rough draft of your picture book and printed it out, a good way to divide it into spreads is to cut it into text pages. The important thing is you will move these around and change them before you are done. If you have too much text on one page, you can cut it in half. If not enough, you can add a sentence. Be sure each page of text forms a picture. Christine Tangvald, who has millions of picture books in print, rewrites her books 35 times before they are done.

 After many rewrites, read your book in front of the mirror. Does it make you laugh? Is it dull? Will it hold a four-year-old’s attention? Does it have a purpose, a “so what”?

 Picture books contain lots of color, humor, and a clear message. They need to make a point and to teach a lesson. The greatest benefit for the child is that Mom or Grandma gives her undivided attention while they read the book together.