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Susan Titus Osborn combines humor with solid biblical truth and practical advice to encourage and inspire her audiences. She offers hope to heal emotional hurts through God’s love and guidance.

One would never guess that this successful author, editor, and speaker once fell into a pit of despair. In 1987 her marriage of 22 years came to an end as she faced the divorce decision. At the time, she had not worked outside the home in 20 years.

As Susan turned an avocation into a full-time profession, she learned what it means to step out in faith and to truly trust God. Today He has blessed her with a supportive husband, Dick, and a successful career. Currently, Susan has authored over 30 books. She has spoken extensively across the US and in eight foreign countries.

As a sought-after speaker, Susan’s effervescent personality is contagious. She leaves her audiences laughing as she entertains, encourages, and enlightens.

What Did You Say?


Our greatest disappointments in life come from unrealized expectations. Most often these are caused by a lack of communication. Susan will teach you good communication skills to help you establish and/or improve your relationships with friends, family members, and coworkers. Susan has an MA in Communications.

Bonding Through Books


Children love to have mothers, dads, and siblings read to them. They possess incredible imaginations and can picture lots of adventures in their young minds. Susan offers suggestions for finding ways to spend quality time reading to your children. She also gives tips for locating wonderful books that will hold a young child’s attention.

Understanding Your Children


According to the Greek philosopher, Hypocrites, there are four basic personality types. If your personality type is different than your children’s, Susan will offer suggestions to help you understand your own personality as well as the different personalities of your children.

Perfect Relationships with Imperfect People


One of the greatest challenges we face is getting along with the people in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves in verbally or emotionally abusive situations. Susan will offer suggestions for successfully dealing with these friends, coworkers, and family members. If we learn to place our trust in God and turn to Him, these relationships can be improved.

Susan Titus Osborn

Adverse circumstances can usher us into the awesome presence of a God we’ve served for many years, and yet have never known.
—Author Unknown

Recipes for the Heart


Through humor and personal experience stories, Susan offers encouragement and hope in coping with daily problems. Often we stand up well facing the giants that come into our lives. It’s the armies of ants that cause distress and discouragement.

Skipping over Stones


Stress can be either positive or negative, but it takes a toll on our bodies regardless. Susan will offer techniques for managing the stress in your life. She will teach you how to use stress to your advantage instead of allowing it to take advantage of you.

Which Way to Go


What happens when you reach a major crossroads in your life? How do you determine which fork in the road to take? Susan offers some guidelines when making life-changing decisions such as entering the working force, going back to college, or dealing with the empty-nest syndrome. Susan entered the work force at the age of 42 after being a stay-at-home mom for 20 years.

Journaling through the Bumps


One of the most effective ways to release pent-up feelings or to understand your own emotions is to keep a journal. A journal is a safe place to explore and examine one’s most intimate thoughts to be read only by the one who writes them. Later on, when reading about our past circumstances, we can see that God really does carry us through the bumps in life.

Perfect Shells and Broken Pieces


Losing a loved one is hard, whether by death or divorce. Susan will offer encouragement for us to pick up the fractured pieces of our lives and begin anew. We do this by developing a close relationship with Jesus Christ and by depending on Him for our strength. He will enable us to accept the past and willfully start anew.

Yes You Can!


You can overcome the obstacles in your life to become all that God intended you to be. Often God’s plan for our lives and our own plans are vastly different. God uses the difficult circumstances in our lives to mold us, to refine us, and to teach us to depend on Him. In this inspirational talk, Susan offers encouragement and hope for the future.

Share Your Personal Experience Story


Have you ever wondered how to put your story down on paper so others can benefit from it? Whether you’re only beginning to fulfill your dream to write or you’ve been published for years, you will gain from Susan’s expertise. Learn to turn life experiences into saleable stories, articles, and even books. Susan has authored 28 books.

Happily Ever After (with Detours)


Many fairy tales end with the phrase, “And they lived happily ever after.” Virtually every bride envisions this fairy tale ending on her wedding day. Unfortunately, for some, our fairy tale comes to an end with the death of a spouse, the distancing of a relationship, or even divorce. Susan will offer some coping skills for the detours in life and share her own testimony on how God used a detour in her life for His gain.

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