Where to Find Ideas (Part 5)

As well as drawing on your own experiences or those of friends and family members for articles and stories to write, you can look around your church for interesting people and unique ministries.

Your Church

Does your church have anyone who has done something out of the ordinary? If so, write an interview article about that individual. What about special programs and activities? Perhaps your church sponsors a soup kitchen, a Special Olympic program, or concerts at the park. Church staffs are always looking for articles regarding new outreach programs.

Another place to glean ideas is from your pastor’s sermons. For years I was blessed to be pastored by Chuck Swindoll. I was careful not to take the essence of his sermon, for that would be plagiarism. Plus, his books are taken from his sermons. However, I would hear a sentence or phrase that would trigger an idea of my own, and I would jot down just enough words so I could write a devotional or article when I had some free time.