Where to Find Ideas (Part 4)

To find ideas you can also draw on the experiences of friends and family members for articles and stories to write. Look around your church for interesting people and unique ministries. Check out your local newspaper, your community, and current world events for even more ideas.

Friends and Family

We can draw upon the experiences of our family and friends by interviewing them, and of course, we can draw upon our experiences with them for more ideas. Two people involved in an incident opens the door for dialogue, and nothing moves a story along better than a conversation.

Does your grandmother have a familiar saying that has shaped your life? If so, pass her words of wisdom onto others. Has she led an interesting life that you can capture on paper so her loved ones will have it long after she is gone. What a special legacy to pass on. I regret that my grandmother died before I had a chance to get her story down on paper. She escaped from Mexico during a revolution, and if I only had more information I could write a fascinating true story in her memory.

You may have a friend with a totally different viewpoint than your own on a subject. Write a heated debate in dialogue, showing both sides of the situation and voicing both opinions.