Self Publishing

More self-published books are being printed each year. I know when I work with people through my Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service and they are considering self-publishing, the first question I ask them is: Is this book going to sell well in Christian stores, or are you going to be your own best market? If a person has a wonderful speaking platform and is writing their own personal experience story, they will probably sell a lot of books at their speaking engagements. Their own personal experience story would not sell well in bookstores, because no one would know who they are. For example: If they are speaking to 1000 people, and 1/10 of the audience buys books, they have sold 100 books on that occasion.

Unfortunately many people want to self-publish just to get their book out. They don’t stop and think: Who really wants to buy this book? Nor do they consider where they might store 2000-5000 books! Books take up a lot of room!

And as far as editing goes, many of the self-publishing companies do not require or offer editing. There are exceptions such as WinePress that do offer editing for a fee. And if a person is going to self-publish, it is vital to get the book edited!

Bottom line: If you’re going to self-publish, get your book edited by a professional and make sure you have a market to buy your product.

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