Interview Questions

When I was teaching a class on interviewing, I came up with 10 general questions to ask. I’ll list them below, but keep in mind you would never ask all these questions during an interview. You would just pick and choose a couple to add to the list you have already compiled after studying the person you are interviewing. Also keep in mind that some of these may be threatening, so make sure the person will be willing to answer them.

1. Do you have any special words you live by?
2. Was there a time in your life when you felt closest to God?
3. Was there a time when you felt God was far away?
4. When did God dramatically answer prayer in your life?
5. When did you feel most challenged?
6. Is there an incident in your live that could benefit others?
7. Have you ever been afraid?
8. When was the most special time in your life?
9. Have you ever experienced failure?
10. What is the most vivid memory in your past?

These questions are guidelines. Do not use all of them in one interview. The important thing to remember in an interview is to dive in, search through the oysters, and pluck out the pearl that will make an exciting story.

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