Interviewing (Part 4)

Put your subject at ease during the first five minutes. Then turn on your digital recorder. Have a set of questions prepared before the interview. Here are 10 questions to use as a guide, but don’t use my ten questions as is. They would not all be used in one interview. Instead, pick the ones most suited to your interviewee, and add your own questions to the list.

Ten Suggested Questions for an Interview

  1. Do you have any special words you live by?
  1. Was there a time in your life when you felt closest to God?
  1. Was there a time when you felt God was far away?
  1. When did God dramatically answer prayer in your life?
  1. When did you feel most challenged?
  1. Is there an incident in your live that could benefit others?
  1. Have you ever been afraid?
  1. When was the most special time in your life?
  1. Have you ever experienced failure?
  1. What is the most vivid memory in your past?