Writing Nonfiction Books (Part 12)

Why are you writing? Is it to share your story with others? Is it to make money?  Are you seeking personal growth? Most of my books sell wholesale. I make 22 cents-$1.50 a copy partly because I co-author most of my books. I carpeted my house with one of my checks. I’ve discovered that I’m not in this business for the money. I feel that writing is a ministry. I need to make enough with my consulting, writing, editing, and teaching to live, so for me it has become a business. But my main reason for writing is that I want to change lives. I want to share something with others that will benefit them.

How do you know that God has called you to a writing ministry?  Pray about it. Practice patience. Don’t rush God, your editors, or yourself. It will probably take you at least a year to get your book contracted, a year to write it, and a year for it to come out in print, perhaps longer. It has been my experience that book editors and agents do not respond before two to three months, at least not if they are interested in your book. They can hold it six months or a year or two before making a final decision. But today there are many options for self-publishing your book.