Interviewing (Part 10)

Some publications will want a query letter before you send your article. Here is a sample query letter:

                                          Susie Writer

                                     1 Longhand Lane

                                    Beach City CA 90000

                                           310- 555-1212


June 1, 2017


Mr. Jerry Joyful, Acquisitions Editor

Slickcover Magazine

1000 Everprint Street

Anytown IL 60000


Dear Mr. Joyful:

In April, I attended the Orange County Christian Writers Conference where I met your assistant editor, Bill E. Buyer. He suggested that I query you with my idea for a 1500-word article that I feel will fit your guidelines.

For the past five years, I have volunteered in a home for unwed mothers. One sixteen year old named Sara has given me permission to write her story under a pseudonym. I feel the choices she made will help other young girls to make the right decisions regarding sex and marriage.

Sara became pregnant and considered abortion. Since she is only sixteen and a junior in high school, she did not feel she could adequately care for herself and a baby. A strange turn of events led to a harrowing experience that resulted in a decision for Sara to have her baby and to give him up for adoption.

The primary audience would be young teenage girls—particularly those considering sex outside of marriage. The secondary audience would be pregnant teens. Also, mothers and friends of girls going through the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy would benefit from this article.

This article is timely because today eight out of ten teenage girls are sexually active, and three out of ten will eventually become pregnant out of wedlock. Let me know if you would be willing to see my article, “Sara’s Song,” on speculation. I look forward to your response.

Yours in Him,

Susie Writer