Writing the Personal Experience Article (Part 5)

Write your personal experience article in an interesting style, presenting a new twist. Your story must have appeal and drama. Tell what the problem is and how to solve it. You don’t want the editor to say, “Didn’t I just read that story half an hour ago?”

Keep your story upbeat. As Christians, we live victoriously. Most publications want a happy ending and some kind of a turnaround. The story needs to go somewhere.

Now let me offer some subjects for personal experience stories used with permission and presented by Kathy Collard Miller:

  1. Physical healing – injuries, sickness, addictions
  2. Emotional healing – fear, widowhood, death of a loved one
  3. Relationships – friendship or family tie, overcoming an obstacle, or acceptance
  4. Distant past – childhood or young adult experiences, wisdom from hindsight
  5. Adventure – danger, suspense, foreign locations
  6. Conversion – how someone became a Christian
  7. Personality profile – interesting lives of others
  8. Organization or group – history or ministry