Writing Devotionals (Part 7)

Characteristics of Good Devotionals

Mary Lou Redding suggests 8 characteristics of good devotional writing, which are used with her permission. Here are characteristics four through six.

4. Concreteness: Good devotional writing is concrete. It deals with what you have seen, touched, and heard rather than abstract concepts. Consider the images Jesus used to help people understand Him. He used bread, water, sheep—everyday items that people living in biblical times as well as today could understand.

5. Economy: Good devotional writing is economical. You want to deliver your message in as few words as possible. Be concise. Don’t attempt to impress people. Just direct them to God’s truth.

6. Strong images: Good devotional writing is full of images. It produces strong images in the reader’s mind. I would much rather read a good book than see a movie because my imagination is more vivid than the Hollywood portrayal. Perhaps many readers feel the same way.

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