Twelve Evaluation Questions

After you have written the first draft of your story, ask yourself these twelve evaluation questions:

1. Do I have a good lead?
2. Is my story or article interesting?
3. Is it significant?
4. Is my story or article marketable?
5. Does it have continuity?
6. Does it make sense?
7. Have I left out any important points?
8. Did I say what I wanted to say?
9. Are my transitions adequate?
10. Did I repeat my thoughts?
11. Did I use complete sentences?
12. Does my ending tie into my beginning?

When you have answered the above questions, go back and look at your outline and theme sentence. Do they need revision? Does your article or story support your outline and theme? If not, you need to change either your theme and outline or your first rough draft. Remember that nothing is set in concrete at this stage.

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