Fate of Books

At a recent conference, I was told that E-books and POD still only control about 5% of the market. I think they will increase in time, but not quickly. Focus on the Family is offering one of my books as a POD. However those ordering it don’t realize that Focus has run out of books. When they order a book, Focus will just print it.

As an author, I want my books out there any form they can get the word out. And although I feel sorry for my local Christian bookstore, I buy very few books there. Amazon and Christian books.com have such better rates. However I do buy Christian junk (i.e. cards, calendars, nick-knacks, jewelry, etc.) at my local Christian LifeWay Store. Anything that isn’t a book, I classify as Christian junk. I used to be concerned at how many shelves Christian stores were filled with things besides books, but then I got to know some of the bookstore buyers and owners and realized this is the only way they can survive. Three Christian stores near me have gone out of business. Let’s try to help the rest survive.

However, I do not think the printed book is in danger. I will never curl up with my computer, or any other electronic device, and relax by the fire. There is nothing like reading a good book.

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